Remember your childhood birthday parties? Some of those wonderful memories stay with us the rest of our lives. In addition to remembering the fun and festivities, the party food is almost always a pleasant memory as well.

Instead of pre packaged convenience food, full of fat, sugar and preservatives, we had wonderful samplings of our Mum’s delicious cooking. Unfortunately, in an attempt to make sure that all the party goodies were healthy, Mum usually spent most of the day cooking and preparing for the party! Look back through those birthday party photos and you’ll usually find that only a very few had Mum actually relaxing and enjoying any of the kids parties.

At Hungry Little Monsters, our goal is two-fold.

First, we aim to provide your child and their friends with fun, fanciful, interesting kid’s food for their next party. Second, by taking on the responsibility of the party catering, we aim to take away a bit of the stress that seems so common with busy parents and party planning. Let us provide your child and their friends with delicious, healthy party food that they simply can’t wait to get their hands on, while at the same time giving you the chance to join in the party fun too!

Hungry Little Monsters understands that parents want their children to make healthy food choices. However, we also understand that some of those food choices are rather – well, not so interesting for most children!

Children look forward to fun party food; something different from their everyday fare, whether it is healthy or not. That’s where Hungry Little Monsters can bridge the gap between healthy and fun! Our focus is on creating the right balance of healthy, fresh ingredients in a fun, great tasting meal!

You have our guarantee that your kids will have some truly fantastic food at their next party – and you’ll be able to enjoy the party, too!

And in the spirit of why should kids have all the fun, Hungry Little Monsters has now started catering delicious, healthy foods for adults parties and corporate events too. We have an extensive menu that includes a delectable assortment of savouries and sweets for you to select from. What’s more, we can provide foods that can be eaten on the go or taken with you to another location.

Hungry Little Monsters is ready to cater for your next kid’s party, adult function or corporate event. Take a moment to look at our menu page and check out all of our delicious offerings. Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call today. We’d be happy to tell you all you want to know about our party catering services.

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